Hatchlings are young dragons that are less than 13 years old. They can consume anything that is either a plant or an animal, but when they grow larger, they are able to digest bones, teeth, and claws as well. They cannot breathe fire until they are at least 3 years old, when the parents abandon them to their fate.

Baby water dragon

A baby bird water dragon


Small, kind of cute. Their wings won't be able to lift them yet(unless they are over 3 years old) and they can't breathe fire(unless they are over 3 years old).They will have small nubs where their spines, horns, claws, teeth and antelers will be. Their eyes look ridiculously big on their heads, but as they grow older, their heads will get bigger, so their eyes will look normal-sized.


Main article:Dragon senses

Their senses are not as well developed as their parents. They still have exceptional eyesight and they can sniff out a piece of cat fur in a pile of dogs. When they reach adolecence(13-60 years old) their senses will be slightly more developed.


Really young hatchlings can't breathe fire or fly, but older ones can. Flight is difficult, though, it requires lots of energy and most hatchlings have trouble getting off the ground. Hatchling western sand/ground dragons will be able to dig as soon as they hatch, but they may just make scratches at the ground.

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